MN-99-921 Extension cord reel 10 m

Extension cord reel 10 m with a case and built-in fuse

Features and benefits

  • 10m extension cord reel with a case and a handle allows you to wind the cable to the inside
  • 4 earthed sockets for connecting several devices at the same time
  • Cable cross section 3 x 1.5 mm2 for safe connection of the devices with a total rated power of up to 3000 W (if the cable is unwound) and 1000 W (if the cable is wound on the reel)
  • Power Protection System is a surge protector with a built-in fuse, which protects the device connected against surges occurring in the power supply
  • Children protection system protects holes in the sockets against children, accidental short circuit and drops of water
  • Ingress protection of IP44 ensures that it can be used in the environment where there may be splashes of water
  • Closed case protects the cable during transport and storage

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