MN-76-29 Sets of diamond holesaws for stoneware

Diamond hole saws for drilling holes in hard finishing materials such as ceramics, stoneware, terracotta, marble, granite

Features and benefits

  • Perfect for drilling holes in very hard finish materials.
  • Strength, durability and high quality thanks to the Vacuum Brazed technology, i.e. vacuum soldering.
  • Dry drilling thanks to the wax inside the hole saws, which melts and cools the working part of the diamonds during drilling.
  • MN-76-290 set - max. 12,000 rpm and M14 holder allow use with most angle grinders
  • MN-76-294 set - max. 3200 rpm and HEX handle allow for use with most cordless drills and drills
  • Precise point drilling so that the hole has smooth edges without cracks and chipping.
  • High drilling performance even in very hard materials thanks to the durable and clean vacuum connection of the diamonds to the body, which increases resistance to high temperatures and friction
  • The body made of durable steel does not break when drilling even with small diameters and guarantees a long lifetime.

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