MN-70-502 Anodized spirit level 25cm SILVER, 90 °, 0 °, 2.3% slope, magnet

The highest quality, anodized spirit level 25 cm, produced in Poland, with a measurement accuracy of up to 0.4 mm / m.

Features and benefits

  • Measurement accuracy up to 0.4 mm/m.
  • Very good value for money and functionality.
  • Polish production guarantees the highest precision of workmanship and its repeatability.
  • All products have certificates confirming the quality and parameters.
  • 2 spirit levels show the vertical and horizontal.
  • Spirit level without sharp edges, made of high-quality acrylic glass, can be easily and quickly cleaned of dirt.
  • The anodized coating protects the aluminum spirit level creating an abrasion resistant protective layer.
  • 100-year warranty for mounting and embedding the vials.
  • The level vial has an additional scale that allows you to determine a 2.3% slope, which facilitates installation and finishing works.
  • The alcohol-based liquid filling the vials is completely UV-resistant and does not fade with time, and the air bubble does not separate even after impact.
  • DUAL PROTECT vials have double protection against breakage, thanks to which they guarantee high resistance to mechanical damage caused by a fall or impact.
  • The spirit level has a magnet that allows it to be attached to steel elements.

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