MN-23-064 Automatic wire stripping pliers 205mm 0,2-6mm2

The automatic insulation stripper for cables of various shapes and diameters

Features and benefits

  • 3 tools in one - cutting, crimping the terminals and stripping along with the processing of the cable to the desired length
  • The knob for adjusting the clamping force of the jaws allows you to adjust the working range of the pliers to the diameter of the wire and the thickness of the insulation
  • The profiled two-component handle provides a comfortable grip and work comfort
  • The wire cutter in the handle guarantees cutting of Cu and Al wires with a maximum cross-section of 6 mm2
  • The smoothly operating mechanism with a side grip allows for quick and precise stripping of the insulation to any length
  • The jaws for crimping cable terminals in the range of 10-22 AWG (0.5-6 mm2) and diameter 7-8 mm
  • The stripping length adjustment in the range of 7-18 mm guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of work
  • The jaws made of high-quality hardened steel guarantee durability and fast and effective insulation stripping
  • The automatic adjustment to the diameter of the cable protects it from damage and increases work efficiency

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